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The Getting Started section inside the Guidebook explains how the DYO* Green Building Decision Kit can help guide you through a comprehensive decision process that should take place during the design phase of a project.

The intent of this kit is to help you prioritize your decisions, especially for new technologies such as solar energy systems, electric vehicle charging stations, smart products, and more.

Please disregard the references inside the Guidebook to a CD or compact disk. These kits were first developed when CDs & DVDs were the norm. It has been significantly updated since then, but you will still find some references to a CD.  All the information to use the kit is now contained in the Guidebook , the Workbook and the display/wall pages that are available for instant download using the button below.

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The following image is scanned from the 'Getting Started' of the DYO GBDKit

Getting Started Section of Green Kit

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How to Use the DYO Green Building Decision Kit

*DYO = Do Your Own