Getting Started with the DYO Green Building Decision Kit

The Green Building Decision Kit (GBDKit) consists of five (5) components in PDF and image formats.


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1) The GBDKit Cover Page Image (PNG Format)

The cover page of the GBDKit is a single image that can be used as the first page of a printed version of the Guidebook

The GBDKit Guidebook Inside Pages (PDF Format)

There are 196 pages of information in the Guidebook that tie directly with the Workbook and the Display pages.

The GBDKit Workbook (PDF Format)

There are 71 pages of items to consider when designing, constructing and/or remodeling for green, sustainable home or small business.*

The GBDKit Wall/Display Pages (PDF Format)

The GBDKit Wall/Display pages can be used for group settings or electronic meetings to show the topics and subtopics easy to see. Very helpful when undertaking a Design Charrette.

The GBDKit Decision Matrix Software (Microsoft Excel File)

Two versions of Microsoft Excel files:  .xls for Excel 97 to 2003 workbook. (Should work with all versions of Excel)

.xltm as an Excel Macro-Enabled Template (For newer versions of Excel)

Note: The Decision Matrix Software has been tested for viruses and is provided for educational use only with no guarantees or warranties. You will need to accept the Software 'Terms and Conditions' when purchasing the GBDKit.



*The GBDKit also can be used to make a small business building green/sustainable as long as the heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment are residential in nature. The kit is not intended to work with commercial or industrial projects that incorporate boilers, chillers, roof top units, and other large scale equipment.