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The first instance of Design Charrettes aka 'Charrette' in a publication was in 1886 but they have been utilized in design projects for many decades prior to that date. The term 'Design Charrette' has been used to describe group meetings that focus on a project or series of projects. The fields of design, architecture, engineering and other professional fields have Design Charrette meetings comprised of 'Integrated Design Teams'.

Design Charrette meetings can be organized for any type of project, whether it is to design a residential or commercial building, a submarine or a missile, to plan large tracts of land for subdivisions and every other type of project conceivable. Design Charrettes have traditionally been held in-person in locations that can accommodate anywhere from a handful of people to an auditorium or other large venue.

Now that Covid and other diseases have made public meetings less desirable, Design Charrettes are easily held using electronic communication systems available on the Internet. Electronic meetings allow meeting participants to located anywhere in the world that has Internet connectivity, thereby reducing or eliminating the expenses involved in travel, meals, accommodations, and incidentals. connects project owners, design professionals, trades people, product manufacturers, and others to the help they need to facilitate their project(s). is supported by advertisers and by the sales of the DYO Green Building Decision Kits that introduce topics of discussion for productive Design Charrettes.

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