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Adminken is the Senior Editor of DesignCharrette.com. More info about adminken can be found by clicking on the Linkedin icon at the top of the homepage or by using this link: https://www.linkedin.com/grps/Design-Charrette-Collaborative-Community-3995759/about?

New Member Milestone – Design Charrette Reaches 2,500 Members!

We are pleased to announce that as of May 2016 the DesignCharrette.com online project collaboration & tracking platform has reached 2,500 members.

Thank you from the DesignCharrette.com online team and good luck with all your projects!

Webinar on Chinese Greenhouses by Dan Chiras


Chinese Greenhouses Webinar

Noted author of over 30 books on renewable energy, natural home building, energy efficient construction and more, Dan Chiras is willing to share his insights on his latest passion: Chinese Greenhouses.

What's so special about Chinese Greenhouses? The Chinese have [...]

Hybrid Heat Pump System Webinar

George-VH-Head-ShotIt is possible for a Hybrid Heat Pump System to make an air-to-air heat pump nearly as energy efficient as a ground-source system? Plus, have the added feature of boosting the overall efficiency of a ventilation system, such as an energy recovery [...]

All About Control

All About Control - As in Home Automation and Much More...

biy7kp6kTHome automation is advancing fast, especially in respect to controlling advanced features in green residences and small commercial buildings. The 2015 Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015) featured a variety of home automation vendors showcasing their [...]

Largest Passivhaus Project in USA Coming to KC

Second and Delaware - Green Building News Article - 9.16.15_Page_1-40percent

Scheduled to begin construction in October, this 276-unit multifamily project in Kansas City will seek certification from PHIUS - Posted on Sep 16 2015 by Scott Gibson

Second and Delaware - Green Building News Article [...]

Twin River Group asks Tiverton: What do you want from casino proposal?


The town’s new library has a lot of lessons to teach — including to the town’s proposed gambling house.

Twin River Group, which wants to build a casino in the far north end of town, held its first charrette Thursday in the high school, asking town residents for their preference on design and [...]

Deep into Soulsville: Development pros dive 12 hours into historic neighborhood


A panel of development experts took a 12-hour dive into Soulsville, the South Memphis neighborhood so thick with musical and cultural history and so thin on supermarkets,  restaurants and other services.

The "technical assistance panel'' assembled by the Urban Land Institute surfaced Tuesday evening before a standing room crowd in the Stax Music [...]

Streets That Work initiative for Charlottesville’s roads charrette

Will Charlottesville build ‘streets that work’?

About 30 people gathered at CitySpace recently to offer their input into Streets That Work, a planning guide for Charlottesville’s road network.

“This is something that’s going to lead into a number of different efforts that we have going on,” said Missy Creasy, the city’s assistant [...]

First charrette provides design ideas for Marion Public Library


On September 8, the first of three charrettes was held at the Marion Public Library. Architect Joe Huberty of Engberg Anderson led the group, which included members of the community and also members of the Library Board.

The goal was to identify desirable interior design features for the new library.

Huberty asked what features [...]

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario NextGen Design Charrette 2015


For the fourth year in a row, the ACO NextGen is hosting a one-day design charrette for students and emerging professionals in the fields of architecture, planning, landscape architecture, built history, and heritage conservation. The charrette is intended to encourage creative thinking, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and provide networking opportunities with esteemed speakers and [...]

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