New Year, New Administration, New Projects!  

Perhaps now is the best time to plan your next project, large or small. Please peruse the information on this website about commercial and residential projects, if that is what you have in mind.

Basically a "Design Charrette" is a meeting or session focused on a particular project or set of projects with the goal of having a knowledgeable group of people offer suggestions and professional experience with the intent of making the final outcome better.

Design Charrettes have been used for decades by architects, engineers and other professionals to obtain better results for projects of all kinds, including: Rebuilding after disasters, (including pandemics caused by viruses), designing submarines to satellites, and actually every type and size of project.

Design Charrettes are used by the military, municipal and federal governments, private industry, international organizations to neighborhood improvement groups and the list goes on and on.

If you are not familiar with Design Charrettes then please click on the tab/link entitled: "ABOUT DESIGN CHARRETTES"

Please tell us about your project using the icons at top and be sure to include the tag @DesignCharrette

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