Featured Project: Affordable Residential Retrofit on Tracy Avenue in KCMO

Here are some hard, yet real life, questions to answer:

Image of home on Tracy avenue in kansas city missouriWhat can be done about the foreclosed, abandoned and/or dilapidated homes, apartment buildings and other residential structures?

How can a person go about getting a residential retrofit that is effective yet economical?

Stay tuned while we answer these questions and more...

Actually and seriously, if a person has money or is able to obtain financing then the aspect of taking on a residential retrofit project is normally not overly daunting. 

However, if a person has been negatively affected by the recent downturn in the economy (and many people have) then what methods or options do they have to make their primary residence more comfortable, safe, healthy and energy efficient?

  • Are green (sustainable) products and technologies affordable?
  • What energy improvements make economic sense?
  • How can I get financing and will my utility savings cover my loan payments?

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HistoricGreen.org has been perplexed by these very same questions but is in a position to determine the answers.

Are you interested in learning more about how HistoricGreen.org will use this affordable residential retrofit to learn about the pros and cons of these improvements? Please click on the following link to access the article:

Affordable Residential Retrofit on Tracy Avenue in Kansas City, MO

 (Photos taken by Ken Riead - Used with permission)

Featured Project: Keeping the Water Flowing During Emergencies

The ongoing availability of fresh, clean water is a growing concern all over the world.

In the western USA, severe water shortages are looming on the horizon, along with the smoke from all the seemingly endless fires.

Public Water Supply of Jackson County MO image of sign

In the midwest the concern about availability of water during and after a disaster is more prevalent. Most people are aware that it takes energy to move water through the pipes and deliver it to your tap. If the energy stops then so does the flow of water. Not good...

  • Perhaps it makes sense to explore various options to maintain power for the headquarters to keep the water flowing?
  • Maybe a ground-source heat pump might be cost-effective?
  • Adding a natural gas backup generator might also be a good idea and could be added to the upgrades as well.
  • Looks like there might be enough open land to install a large solar array...?
  • Perhaps this could be a demonstration project to show others how to prepare for potential disaster?

We should investigate this further, don't you think?

Please click the link below to get more information.

Keeping the Water Flowing During Emergencies

 (Photos taken by Ken Riead - Used with permission)

Public Water Supply of Jackson County MO image of front

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