Chinese Greenhouses Webinar

Noted author of over 30 books on renewable energy, natural home building, energy efficient construction and more, Dan Chiras is willing to share his insights on his latest passion: Chinese Greenhouses.

What's so special about Chinese Greenhouses? The Chinese have been growing food indoors for a very long time with amazing results.

The webinar is tentatively scheduled for late summer 2016. Meanwhile, a sampling of Dan's books are listed at right and we hope that have the opportunity to read some of them. Also, you can view more books on the Mother Earth News website by using this link:


More about Dan as listed on his primary website: http://www.evergreeninstitute.org/

Dan Chiras, Ph.D. is an internationally renowned author and expert on green building and renewable energy. Dan teaches workshops on solar electricity, wind energy, passive solar design, energy efficiency, green building, natural building, and electric car conversion. Dan is founder and Director of The Evergreen Institute and President of the consulting firm, Sustainable Systems Design, Inc.

Dan has published more than 30 books and over 300 articles on green building, residential renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability. He has taught courses on renewable energy at the college level for over 30 years and taught numerous workshops on passive solar design, green building, and renewable energy through the the Continuing Education program at the University of Colorado, American Solar Energy Society, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association,  the Colorado Strawbale Association, and the Colorado Renewable Energy Society.

Dan consults to builders, homeowners, architects, and developers on green building and renewable energy and has worked on projects throughout Canada, the United States, and Central America.