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New Medical Campus in St. Louis Coming Soon

New medical campus coming soon to St. Louis, Missouri USA - Article on EPA.gov website:

From Triage to Recovery: Pruitt Igoe Becomes New Medical Campus in St. Louis

image of Pruitt Igoe demolition
Demolition of Pruitt Igoe in 1976

What was once a site that seemed hopeless for the North St. Louis community is well on its way to becoming a new medical school. Ponce Health Sciences University recently announced an $80 million investment to develop a new medical campus on the former Pruitt Igoe site.

Historically, the Pruitt Igoe complex was meant to provide new, improved public housing for a community struggling with overcrowding in the 1950’s. Yet, design flaws and lack of funding for maintenance led to increased vacancy rates and crime, leaving the complex uninhabitable just 20 years later. Once demolished in 1976, the site remained vacant until the 1990s when it became a demolition landfill.

NoteOdds are some aspects of this project will need to be quickly updated from information learned dealing with the COVID 19 Corona Virus and another very good reason to undertake a facilitated Design Charrette.

Here is the link to the article on the EPA.gov website:


Pruitt Igoe Becomes New Medical Campus Sketched Image
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