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New members are invited to participate in the updating of the DYO Green Building Decision Kit. You'll be connecting with green-sustainable experts, registered design/build professionals, renewable energy authorities and more. To participate you must register as a new member of and then the participation information will be sent to you. Membership Information:

Basic (Free) Membership Benefits
New members have the ability to:
  • Post questions to forums and public topics
  • Have additional access to public projects and charrettes

You can utilize the free membership option to become acquainted with the operation of

Advanced Membership Benefits
Advanced members have the ability to:
  • All the benefits of the Basic (Free) Membership plus:
  • Ability to participate in design & project teams
  • Ability to monitor and/or participate in selected charrettes

Trade Contractor - Classifieds Membership Benefits
Trade Contractor - Classified members have the ability to:
  • All the benefits of the Advanced Membership plus:
  • Indicate what trade(s) that you work in
  • Display your credentials, certifications and more
  • Run classified ads that link your trade(s) to appropriate projects/charrettes
  • Connect with other contractors to form teams or distribute work load

Advertiser-Sponsor Benefits
Advertisers and Sponsors
  • Sponsor product types, such as windows, for entire sections
  • Purchase header or footer prime placement ads
  • Purchase display ads of various sizes
  • Have your products or services listed using keywords or context at intervals in the project or charrette process

Registered Professional Benefits
Registered Professionals have the ability to:
  • Have a feature page showcasing projects and/or credentials and achievements
  • Appear in searches for their particular trade(s) by project owners, charrette facilitators and/or project & charrette teams

There are additional "Terms & Conditions" required starting at this level

Project Owner Benefits
Project owners have the ability to:
  • Post their projects to appropriate forums
  • Have access to trade and registered professionals for assistance with their project(s)
  • Have visibility to "Integrated Resource Team" members to assemble their selected charrette/project team
  • Request a specific Charrette Facilitator to schedule and conduct their charrettes

Expanded project details are required in this level

Charrette Facilitator - Team Leader Reserved
Registered Charrette Facilitators
  • Reserved

Special requirements apply to facilitator levels