The 'Initial Considerations' Display Page 1 has seven (7) primary considerations that should be taken into account at the beginning of a project.

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The first consideration is unit 1A. Assembling the Design Team. If your project is large enough that you will need to enlist help getting it designed and/or constructed then assembling a design team should be on your mind. The members of your design team can consist of anyone you believe that could help your project achieve a better end result.

The GBDKit Guidebook has a list of individuals and professionals that you can consider to be part of your team on page 1 and 2. Thumbnails of these 2 pages can be found near this paragraph.

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The fact that you are viewing this page means that you may have a residential or small commercial project that could benefit from the advanced features included in the Green Building Decision Kit (GBDKit).

Getting your residential or small commercial project off to a good start

One of the first items to think about when you have a project to create or design is who you would like to have on your 'Design Team'. In fact, determining who you want to help with the design and implementation of your project can be incredibly important.

For example, let's say that you want to know about every dollar and tax break available to you through the Inflation Reduction Act. Browsing the Internet is a good start but can you trust the avalanche of information and misinformation coming soon? One time-proven option is to assemble a design team of selected others who can focus on helping you with your project. But where do you go to find such help?

By going to to start your free account. Describe your project and include photos, plans and details about your project*.  Indicate the type of help or service sought for your project.

If you offer services, products and/or technologies to others then you can build your profile and choose your display options. A media kit is available at